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Westpac Global Advisors is a business advisory and consulting firm that provides professional services for Healthcare Provider, Life Sciences, Medical Device, MedTech and Information Technology companies internationally and domestically. Westpac Global Advisors have in-depth experience enjoying the highest levels of success in assisting clients in developing new business opportunities, improving and or expanding existing business and expanding clients' capabilities while exclusively representing their interests, creating value and protecting their names.

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Westpac Global Advisors are adept at developing or expanding strategic relationships and alliances, international or domestic business opportunities, and providing advice and support in evaluating, selecting and implementing advanced healthcare technologies and information systems. We have in-depth on the ground experience in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America. We have pioneered the introduction, implementation and management of new and established healthcare products and services in international markets such as pathology and clinical laboratory medicine testing services including clinical genetics, clinical LIMS/LIS, and planning and managing complex programs or projects.

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 Westpac Global Advisors enjoy an exceptional track record of success in delivering results internationally as well as providing the same thorough professional services domestically. We can augment or complement your internal executive capabilities with executive business development, operations and healthcare information experience successfully gained on the ground in domestic and international projects. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to develop, plan, manage, execute and deliver winning strategies and services .

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WESTPAC GLOBAL ADVISORS is a boutique management, advisory and consulting firm that provides business expertise combined with highly successful on the ground experience in domestic and international markets to help companies achieve tangible high impact results. We are thorough in our approach. We work closely with our clients’ leadership to advise them on developing potential opportunities, help them assess and understand market and operational environments, business and regulatory requirements for their products or services, develop potential market entry strategies, structures, and identify and qualify potential partner opportunities. We also work with our clients in assessing, planning and managing the implementation of business and technical operations, marketing and information systems to realistically address their capabilities, resources and expectations in order to translate our results into actions that will position our efforts to achieve their fullest potential and ultimate success.

In the 1990s our consultants began successfully developing strategic alliances on behalf of US IT, medical device and healthcare services provider companies seeking strategic Asian partners to share their investment risk and access the rapidly developing Asian markets. Our achievements led to highly successful senior executive leadership roles developing new opportunities and in some case pioneering new businesses, planning and establishing new services and managing the improvement and expansion of existing services operations of for profit and nonprofit Healthcare Services entities in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America markets


We help our clients achieve and optimize quantifiable, high impact results.

We provide in-depth on the ground experience and a thorough understanding of the social and business cultures and dynamics in the markets in which we represent our clients. We are small enough that you as our client know who will interact on your behalf on a day to day basis. Importantly as successful American senior executives we understand, believe in and share in the same values and expectations under which our client companies operate.

We build relationships leading to strategic alliances and partnerships. We practice a solution oriented, consultative, hands-on, collaborative approach with our clients as well as our clients’ future potential partners we meet on their behalf. In many international markets people prefer to do business with people and companies with which they have developed relationships. Our focus in developing relationships with and on behalf of our clients leads to strategic client relationships between our clients and their international partners. Our efforts are all focused on our clients’ long-term success.

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